How to get a closer ,smooth shave against thick, hard and dark facial hair


“Whenever I shave my face — even with a new razor — I end up having visible stubble on my face. Actually I just shaved my face a few hours ago, but even immediately after shaving there is visible stubble like that on my face. Why is it not possible for me to get Closer, smooth shave without razor bumps on face with thick, hard, dense , facial hair?
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I currently use a Gillette Fusion razor which, I believe, is one of the most highly regarded razors on the market. As for gel/cream: All I ever use are various Gillette shaving gels/creams.

Should I use a different razor and/or shaving cream/gel? Would a straight razor solve my problem?”


More or less most of us face these problems!

But what is the solution? How we can take care of it? In this article we will try to go through possible solutions!

First of all why our facial hair become thick hard and dense?

Well this is mainly because of 5 common mistakes!

If you’re just turning on the tap and wetting your face with a splash of cold water, you’re doing yourself a disservice. You want to open up your pores and relax the hair follicles, and the best way to do that is with steam or a hot towel applied to the face. The next best thing? Simply washing your face with warm water, which will soften the stubble and make it easier to cut. Shaving after a shower is the ideal time.

Sloppy rinsing

Depending on the quality of your razor, your blades may be filling with a sediment of hair, dead skin and shaving cream with each stoke. It can easily build up and reduce the sharpness and glide of your blades, resulting in a spotty shave along with nicks and razor burn. So be sure to thoroughly rinse your blade after each pass.

Pressing Too Hard

Less is more when it comes to shaving. Pressing the razor hard against your skin will create an uneven surface. Hence you won’t achieve the right angle to properly cut the hair and also run the risk of digging into or cutting the skin. Use a light touch and let the razor do the work. If you feel like you need to press harder to cut the hair, you likely have a dull blade that is in need of replacing.

Neglecting Your Neck

Nothing ruins that clean, freshly-shaved look quite like unkempt tufts of hair on your neck. Make sure when you’re shaving under your chin that you continue down your neck and past your Adam’s apple. Ideally, there should be no hair north of your collar.


It was likely one of the warnings you got from your father when you started shaving: don’t go against the grain. But many men, looking to get the smoothest shave possible, flip that razor upside down and sweep it back over the areas they’ve just shaved. And it’s almost a guaranteed path to irritation, red bumps and painful ingrown hairs. If you need to go over an area again, wait until you’re done shaving your whole face and then go back over the area in the direction of the hair growth.

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Why proper shave in necessary for us!
Right after shaving, the pores on our skin are left open and sometimes gets razor burn and bumps. This leaves our skin vulnerable to dirt and bacteria. That is why we need to do shave properly and put some aftershave on right after shaving (this is true for some people) particularly with hard shaves. Also proper shaving kits is an important factor in closer, proper shaving.


Experts’ endorsed technique to shave properly!

Shave in the shower – make shaving the last thing you do before getting out. Or, shave immediately after you get out.  Why? for the reason that your beard needs to be as moist as possible prior to applying any shaving products.
Use a Pre-Shave Oil and (Glycerin based) Shave Cream – The pre-shave oil traps the moisture onto your face, and  protects your skin from the blade. However, the glycerin based shaving cream adds more moisture further softening the beard and protecting the skin.
Choose your blade wisely for smooth closer shave– I personally feel that a DE Razor will do the trick! . On other hand, if you feel that you must use a multi-blade system… the Gillete Fusion Power (stick with this vibrating one) can tackle these types of beards easily. Anyhow  be aware that the above tips are of utmost importance if you want to get a more comfortable shave and to avoid that “tugging” experience.
Shave “With the Grain” First to avoid cuts, razor burns – Most tough bearded men seem to have more sensitive skin under all that armor.  So, attack the beard methodically.  To get a closer shave. On other hand, keep it moist, by re-lathering and then go again across the grain.  For you, “against the grain” should be for “touch-up” purposes only, not the entire face.


Turkish method of shaving can be a way to get rid of hard shaves!

Turkish method for closer, smooth shave involved:

Lathering the face briskly with a stiff brush, shaving cream (not gel or foam) and very, very hot water for at least two or three minutes.

Shave with a straight razor – this was a cut-throat style plastic handle into which one half of a standard disposable straight razor blade was inserted (they snipped the blade in half with scissors). Every individual got new blade for his shave.

This process would then be repeated. The first shave would be with the grain of the beard, relatively quick, the second would against the grain and done slower.

This would be done with the skin of the face being tightly stretched (I imagine this is where the super-hot water helps) along the line of the grain where needed to expose more of each hair above the skin.

Furthermore,  we have an other option for you and that is dry shaving. To check out our latest dry shaving products please click the inserted picture below!