Braun Series 9 9095CC – The best electric shaver for men 2017

Best electric shaver for men 2017

Braun Series 9 9095CC is one of the latest and the best electric shaver for men 2017. It is a product of Braun from Germany that is well known for men and women electric shavers from many years.The latest series 9 from Braun gives the best shaving experience and smoothness. Everyone want to try and get this best electric shaver for men 2017 due to its multiple qualities.
Braun Series 9 9090cc Electric Foil Shaver for Men with Cleaning Center, Electric Men’s Razor, Razors, Shavers, Cordless Shaving System

Why use Braun series 9?


  • Wet and dry
  • Luxury Shaver
  • One and only the best
  • Made in Germany
  • Use it anywhere
  • Attractive design
  • Cordless
  • smooth shaving
  • Time saving
  • Powerful cleaning station
  • great trimmer

Use whenever you want

This is the most appealing quality of Braun best electric shaver for men that you can use it anywhere at any time. It has dry shaver quality so use it for fast shave anytime.

The Braun Series 9 9095Cc can be used dry, for a fast shave at any time, or wet, over a sink in the morning, or in the shower. Soap can be added, but for the best shave, shaving gels, foams, and creams will prepare the skin for a smoother shave below the surface of the skin, keeping the face looking great for much longer throughout the day.

Make your skin glowing

Braun electric shaver 2017 has some shaving gels, foams, and creams that give you an attractive look all the day long. It makes your skin charming and glowing.

Amazing design

Braun Electric shaver 2017 is popular for its attractive and smart design.It has black and gray cleaning unit and with its attractive design, it takes the shaving to the highest aesthetics. It is cordless that makes it easily usable.

Smooth shaving

It gives a smooth shaving experience over the skin. It has the bet hair removal and shaving technology by Sonic Synchronic TM that vibrates in blades around 40,000 per minute. This gives a fast and clear hair cleaning and smooth shaving experience.

Quick shaving

If you have three-day shaving pending then don’t worry Braun will do it in seconds. It has four cutting elements that will trim all hair in seconds. It shaving blades is specially designed to clean the hairs completely.

Cleaning station and charging

It has a powerful cleaning station that will clean it automatically. It cleans the shaver with sterilizing so no need to worry about bacteria and germs.

The Braun Series 9 9095Cc is designed to glide smoothly over your skin, shaving off hairs below the surface. Special Braun intelligent


  • Weight         2.6 pounds

  • Size            6.1 *27 *8.7 inches.

  • Full warranty

  • You will get shaver ,cleaning station ,travel case ,charging unit with it,

Difference between Braun electric shaver 9 and 7 series

Both work in the same way but difference in in the design. The other difference is the Extra trimmer quality of  “Direct and Cut“.


It price is about $250


Its price is too much for a shaver. But it is for the luxury shavers who want the best.

Why to choose the Braun Series 9 9095cc electric Shaver 2017

Braun Series 9 9090cc Electric Foil Shaver for Men with Cleaning Center, Electric Men’s Razor, Razors, Shavers, Cordless Shaving System

After using this electric shaver you can’t use any other.It gives the time saving, comfortable, quick and smooth shaving experience.

Best Men Shavers 2017


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